Proud Owner Of A Bentley And A Car Cover

It is very smooth to buy a automobile cover in recent times. When searching on line there are literally loads of sites that promote covers. There are also many, many one of a kind forms of covers for each climate and storage circumstance. It is easy look for the quilt that is ideal for you, at the price that fits you. You will find, as I did, that they’re no longer almost as high priced as every body thinks, and they do a miles higher task than every person thinks. As a end result of overlaying my Bentley with a vehicle cowl, I am not concerned about how the rain will have an effect on my car. Until now, I changed into concerned that the acid in the rain could eat away the glorious paintwork, and it’d all peel and be patchy. I changed into worried about watermarks being left on the exterior, and the bodywork rusting.

However, my cowl is absolutely water-proof and as a result, rain, sleet, snow all run off the sides. Nothing enters and my Bentley stays bone dry, and in best condition. The material of the duvet is breathable so that air and moisture are let loose, far from the car. This gives my Bentley a chance to breathe and sweat at the same time as covered, with out getting steamed up and rotting. With a cover, the sun isn’t always a hassle either. The solar is extremely powerful and has the ability to break each the interior and exterior of any automobile. The internal workings of a automobile are liable to getting ruined when the auto is left status within the heat. The vehicle additionally receives unbearably hot and stuffy and not possible to drive in. The ultra-violet rays from the solar soften the end of the car, and bleach the paintwork. What remains is a vehicle this is stupid, drab looking and not using a color to talk of. I truely did not need this taking place to my Bentley. Well, it doesn’t, due to the fact my cover is extremely-violet resistant and could forestall the rays from filtering through!

An delivered bonus that I get by having a cowl is that my Bentley is protected from nicks and dings that so often occur even if the car stationary. This can show up within the form of flying particles in the wind, or too many humans brushing beyond the auto. Either way, now that my Bentley is blanketed with a car cover, the effect is absorbed with out an impression having to be left on the auto itself. Naturally, whilst a car is included, it does not get stained via birds droppings, tree sap and dirt. This are neighborhood nuisances that are available in any weather, and all people hates them. Thankfully, I am no longer afflicted through them any greater, and my Bentley can live spotlessly easy. I located that a car cowl become a simply worthwhile investment, as suddenly, I did not have the want to constantly send my automobile in for a wash. These $five add up! I additionally stored myself from having to polish and re-wax my car. All these costs had been cut down on and I even have ended up saving extra cash than the auto cover cost.


Toyota launches Brazil’s fourth-generation Prius, the most successful and pioneering hybrid vehicle, with cumulative sales of 5.7 million units in more than 90 countries. The New Prius arrives with the mission of expanding knowledge about hybrid technology among Brazilian consumers. The New Prius also represents Toyota’s vision of how mobility will be in the future, with the development of ever better and more environmentally-friendly cars. In September last year, the company launched its global environmental challenge, where it aims to mitigate up to 90% of CO2 emissions from new vehicles by 2050. This means that all models commercialized by Toyota until then will be hybrids, powered by fuel cell. The model also marks a new era in Toyota’s development as the brand’s first vehicle to be built on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform. As a final result, the Prius features striking design and improved comfort and handling. Its center of gravity is lower and its aerodynamic coefficient (Cx) has been reduced from 0.25 to 0.24, resulting in better performance and fun at the wheel. The fourth generation of the Prius reaches the market on June 8, for R $ 119,950.00, which maintains it as the most affordable hybrid vehicle for sale in Brazil.

Design and Functionality

The fourth generation of the Prius has been totally redesigned and gained a remarkable presence with more aggressive and modern lines. Based on the iconic design philosophy, which integrates technological aspects with emotional and rational factors, its exterior points to the advanced functions of the car, resulting in a format that causes immediate and lasting impact. To protect the outer view of you favourit car you should use protection like mazda mx-5 miata cover. The vehicle is 60 mm longer (4,540 mm), 15 mm wider (1,760 mm) and 20 mm lower (1,490 mm). The space in the cabin has also increased, are 15 mm over in length (2,210 mm) and 20 mm in width (1,490 mm). The trunk holds 412 liters and its opening gained 84 mm in its width. The signature of the New Prius is in its triangular silhouette, starting from the front emblem of Toyota and the lines along the hood, passing over the top of the cabin and extending to the rear. Completing the triangle, the waistline, tilted down the front, conveys the sense of continuous movement and creates an advanced structure, in which the glasses, together with the body, deliver a unified and aggressive appearance. The curves of the New Prius flow and blend into the sinuous cuts on the sides, vividly reflecting its carved style from any angle of view. The black finish of the C-column creates the illusion of floating ceiling and accentuates the sporty look of the model, which also had the ceiling reduced by 20 mm and moved a little further ahead. The new headlights minimize the front area of ​​the Prius and at the same time ensure powerful LED illumination, ensuring distinct contours and character. At the rear, the lanterns combine daring and unique shapes, from the spoiler to the side lines, enhancing the personality of the vehicle. The Prius’s functional design was designed to minimize fuel consumption. The 15-inch alloy wheels, for example, have been fitted with curved, wave-shaped caps that mitigate resistance to air. There are also front and rear aerodynamic fins that optimize wind passage. The innovations have reached the interior of the New Prius, designed to create a strong presence, to be a symbol of technological advancement and to enhance the emotional aspect, combining functionality, driving pleasure and sophistication.

The quality of the materials used inside the vehicle ensures comfort and softness to the touch. The passenger compartment is larger due to some details such as the thin lines of the dashboard lined up to the doors, to eliminating excess linings in the transverse part of the dashboard, doors and columns. The panel is even more functional and is now layered, reinforcing the iconic exterior design of the Prius and clearly defining the instrument display zone. All this without losing the intuitive heritage of previous generations, with all the controls within reach of the driver, such as the joystick-type transmission knob, located directly on the panel. The seats have been redesigned. On the front seats, bolsters in the upholstery have added comfort, providing precise ergonomics. The head and lumbar backrests were positioned to ensure optimum posture for the occupants, resulting in reduced pressure on the muscles of the back and neck.

Equipment list

The New Prius has items that enhance the well-being, comfort and convenience of its occupants. There are many new features, such as the dual zone air conditioning with S-Flow control, able to concentrate the airflow only in the areas of the cabin where there is occupation. For the first time equipping a Toyota model in Brazil, the system automatically recognizes if the rear seat is empty and directs the air only to the front zone. The information controlled by the commands that appear on the panel’s digital display. The model also has wireless charger (compatible for devices that this technology), integrated navigation system, head-up color display and digital TV. The technology marks a strong presence in the Prius. The model arrives with the Smart Entry System on the front doors, allowing unlocking of the vehicle by proximity of the key, and with the simplified ignition system, through the Start Button. Commercialized in a unique version, the Toyota Hybrid also offers standard driver’s seat with height and distance regulation, plus electric lumbar adjustment, leather trim and synthetic material in the seats, front seat heating, four-door power windows, with one-touch function and anti-smash system, steering column with height and depth adjustment, power locks, rests rear arms (16 mm wider compared to previous generation) with cupholders, electric rear view mirrors, retractable and with steering indicators, internal electrochromic rear view mirror, leather steering wheel with integrated audio and onboard computer controls, cruise control, audible warning of connected headlamps, among others. Individual front and ceiling reading lights complete the list of comfort and convenience.

Audio System and Onboard Computer

The multimedia system that equips the Prius includes AM / FM radio, CD and MP3 player, Bluetooth, USB and AUX connections, as well as a 7.0-inch touch screen navigation system, ensuring easy operation and excellent image quality. sound. The on-board computer has a TFT monitor with two 4.2-inch displays. In it, the driver can customize the contents of the main screen with their preferences, between simple or segmented views. The simple option includes vehicle speed, remaining fuel quantity, driving mode indicator (Power, ECO, Normal and EV), external temperature, distance traveled after start, average fuel economy, among other information. The segmented view adds information such as simplified indicator of the hybrid system, instantaneous fuel meter and battery charge stored by the hybrid system. The multifunction display has seven tabs. In the first, the direction information, it is possible to visualize the operation of the hybrid system, to have ‘ECO accelerator’ guidance, which proposes guidelines for more environmentally friendly driving; and access the ECO Score function and point out how ‘environmentally friendly’ your driving was on a given distance traveled. It is also possible to record the fuel consumption considering multiple variables: In half an hour the display shows the use of fuel in five minute intervals. Every 15 kilometers, the display displays information at one kilometer intervals and Every 30 kilometers, the graph considers consumption every five kilometers. It is also possible to calculate fuel consumption on the last trip of the current month, in the last four months or in the same month of the previous year. There is also the Eco Diary function, which provides a daily and monthly list of distance traveled and average fuel consumption. The Eco Wallet function calculates the total cost with fuel and how much the driver has saved on gasoline in a single trip or in a month. This device still records the total amount spent on gasoline in the last five months. You can also view the percentage of time the New Prius operated exclusively in the electric mode. The other flaps feature functions related to navigation and audio systems, temperature control, driver support information, warning messages and settings.

Motorization, Performance and Efficiency

The new Prius features Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system in its new generation and combines an Atkinson 1.8-liter VVT-i gasoline engine with 98 hp at 5,200 engine turns and 140 Nm of torque at 3,600 rpm. was redesigned and had size and weight reduction. This powerplant works in conjunction with another electric 72 hp and 163 Nm of torque, ensuring smooth acceleration and excellent comfort when riding in any type of driving. The New Prius delivers estimated combined horsepower of 123 hp, prioritizing low fuel consumption without compromising performance. In tests carried out by Toyota in Japan, it accelerated from 0 to 100 km / h in 11 seconds. The gasoline engine of the New Prius achieves maximum thermal efficiency of 40%, one of the most efficient mass-produced in the world. The advance was achieved in part due to the use of a high volume of gases in the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system, and improvements in the combustion system. In addition, the intake air intake has been redesigned, which improves airflow within the combustion chamber. In addition, the cooling system has been improved, optimizing the internal temperature of the engine. The friction of the sliding components of the engine has been reduced with the use of low viscosity oil. The drive shaft and electric motor have also been redesigned, reducing the combined weight. The electric propellant, specifically, is more compact and had its weight / power ratio improved. Compared to the current generation, there was a 20% reduction in mechanical friction losses.

The hybrid system software received updates that improved the perception of acceleration, revealing smoother and direct responses, even at lower engine speeds. The fundamental components of the system, such as power control unit and battery, have also been redesigned or revised to reduce weight and improve vehicle efficiency. The hybrid nickel battery that powers the Prius’s electric motor, previously located in the trunk, has been transferred to the lower right-hand side of the rear seat, contributing to the reduction of center of gravity and improved stability in driving, without compromising the internal space for the occupants. An air intake was introduced into the passenger seat, optimizing the cooling of the hybrid battery and improving its performance. The New Prius is considered a world reference in low emission of pollutants. The model emits about 40% less CO2, compared to a conventional vehicle. Regarding consumption, INMETRO recognized the new generation of the Prius as the most efficient car in the country, registering 18.9 km / l in urban cycle and 17 km / l in highways. The fuel economy of the New Prius, when faced with a same-sized gasoline-powered model, is up to 52% in the city and 42% on the road. The Prius has a regenerative brake system, which accumulates the kinetic energy generated by the brakes and transforms it into electric energy, feeding the hybrid battery. This ensures greater autonomy to the model in the electric mode, also contributing to fuel economy. The transmission of the New Prius continues to be of the CVT type.

TNGA Platform

Most safety, performance and comfort enhancements in the fourth generation of the Prius are linked to Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA), an innovative and integrated development program for the construction of powertrain components and branded automotive platforms. One of the pillars of the TNGA is to make the driving of vehicles more comfortable at all times. And driving comfort means giving the driver a really nice position to face long periods in the car, both in big city congestion and long journeys. The TNGA platform allowed improvements, from the seat structure to new positions for steering wheel, pedals, transmission knob, among other items. The torsional stiffness of the New Prius was improved by 60% over the previous generation, due to the use of laser with welding points at shorter intervals throughout the chassis, reducing the distance between the welded parts. The amount of high strength steel sheets increased from 3% to 19% in the fourth generation. This translates into more comfort for the occupants. The proposal of the TNGA platform also allowed improvements in the suspension of the Prius. The MacPherson system remains at the forefront, but has been optimized to ensure stiffness and faster, more linear responses to the driver. The rear suspension has multilink system overlapping triangles that provide firmer, more dynamic responses and an excellent level of stability and comfort to the occupants. In addition to the lighter chassis and stiffness gain, the new suspensions ensure better stability and steerability to the new Prius, in any driving style, making it even more nimble in corners. The TNGA platform also made it possible to optimize the Prius aerodynamically, due to the greater slope of the model ahead, with a reduction of about 70 mm in the front height. Although the Hybrid’s biggest appeal is fuel economy and low emission of pollutants, the new Prius generation unites these attributes with a touch of sportiness, reinforcing Toyota’s ‘fun to drive’ proposal with the lowest center of gravity in about 20 mm. Some practical benefits of the TNGA, coupled with the new design and construction of the fourth generation of the Prius are the lowering of the position of the seats in 55 mm in the front and 23 mm in the rear; and increased occupant headroom of 25.5 mm at the front and 3 mm at the rear. The steering angle was reduced from 24 degrees to 21 degrees, while rear view angle improved from 33.6 degrees to 38.3 degrees.


The New Prius is designed to meet the most stringent safety standards. In addition to creating a dynamic driving experience, the TNGA platform offers a high-strength frame structure that increases occupant protection in the event of a collision. The stiffer body was designed to distribute energy in the case of frontal impact, through several reinforcements placed under the floor, which help reduce the amount of energy. The new Prius is equipped with several safety features, such as seven airbags (double front, double side, two curtain and one knee for the driver); audible warning for use of the seat belt in the front seats; three height-adjustable head restraints for rear seat passengers; three-point seat belts and pre-tensioners for all occupants; reverse camera projected on the LCD screen with audible alert; immobilizer by electronic code in key; auxiliary brake light; remote-controlled alarm system and child safety locks on rear doors. In addition to the front fog fog lights present in the previous generation, the New Prius has received rear fog light, also in LED. The stability control (VSC), ABS brake system and EBD four-wheel braking system are added to this package.